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ZX45 Cnc Conversion kit

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New Design CNC Conversion Kit for ZX45 Milling Machine 
Complete  Cnc Kit  2 in 1  kit include  Digital driver  and  stepper motor 

Here at Cnc conversion kit we have decided to create and sell a complete set for ZX45 Milling Mchine 2 in 1. This is one of our best selling products available  in our  store,  the goal was to design the kit so that the customer can have a few options while using the machine. After installing our kit you have the option to use the machine as  a CNC or manual usage. This set is designed for  Z axis Nema 42 and  nema 34 for  X and Y axis motor.

Kit Include

Aluminum parts for the building of this machine are cut out from Aluminum Plate 3/4 inches

3 x Digital stepper motor  CCK 7650
1 x  Nema 42   2800oz for Z axis 

2 x  Nema 34  1130oz for X and Y axis

1 x 6 axis Bidirectional Breakout Board  ( C10 )

2 x Power supply 600W 48V 12.5A
1 x Nema34 Stepper motor Mount for Z, X and Y axis
1 x Ball screw 25mm pitch 5mm (C7) for Z axis  TBI
2  x Ball screw  20mm pitch 5mm (C7) for Y and X  TBI

3 x Ball screw Bearing housing for Z, X nad Y axis

3 x Ball screw nut Mount

1 x Set of screws

3 x Bearing 
1 x  16 mm  x 19 mm CNC Motor Shaft Coupling Z axis

2 x 14mm  x 14mm CNC Motor Shaft Coupling . Y and X axis
1 x Power converter  115v to 220v 

Full Build Instructions with diagrams   

closed loop stepper motor and hybrid driver  it  will cost you extra of $1300 please check our pictures  

Shipping price $160 Price  will be the  same up to 1000 miles from Detroit