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32'' x 51'' x 8' Affordable 3-Axis CNC Router Kit this set is made of 6060 aluminum extrusion, all major parts are machined from 6061 3/4 & 1/2. X-Axis X axis has been designed with 2 ball screws & SBR 20 support linear rails which allows the machine to cutting hard metals. The Z axis on a 32 x 51 machine is design with 8” of travel. Each axis on this unit are equipped with a 16mm pitch 5 TBI ball screw drive mechanism. That CNC router can be a great benefit for all those who want to build good quality CNC machines!  Affordable 3-Axis High Precision CNC router kit with big working area. Our goal was to design versatile cnc router and easy to assembly, .Our machines can be changed to Nema 34 motors. This Cnc router kit will reduce cost and save a big amount of money if you want to have your own Cnc router  machine.

CNC router kit with a working area of 32 '' x 51 '' x 8 '' (W L H). The base frame is made of 2,36" x 2,36" aluminium extrusion, X axis side arm made of 3/4 aluminium plate & 2.36'' x 3.54''aluminium extrusion, Z-axis arm is made of 1/2 aluminum plates. reinforced with two 3/8 steel plates

4 x High-precision C7 ball screw Q16mm pitch 5mm (C7)

6 x 20mm Precision Linear Rail with 12 bearing blocks for Y X and Z


1.5KW Water-cooled Spindle motor + VFD
Diameter:80mm x Length:205mm

Power: 1.5 KW Voltage: 220V

CNC Driver Controller;

4 x Digital Stepper driver 556D 24V to 50V

1 x Power supply: 600W 48V 12A1


Stepper Motor;

4 x Stepper Motor 425 oz In.

1.8° /200 Steps Per Rev.

3 Amps Current Per Phase

4-wire Bi-polar

Machine dimensions

Z-axis 20 ''

Y-axis 40 ''

x-axis 59 ''

Work area dimensions

Z-axis travel 8 "

Y-axis travel 32 "

X-axis travel 51 "

CNC Router Kit 4' x 4 '

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