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Affordable 3-Axis CNC Router Kit

That CNC router kit can be a great benefit for all those who want to build good quality CNC machines DIY Cnc Router machine are not a low-cost project! In fact, it can be one of the most expensive projects if you have no idea where to buy these parts. We have made price comparisons, for example If you were to buy machine parts the same size as we offer from Ebay, it would cost you 30% more compared to our prices, and of course it would not be ready parts for construction of the machine. This is a serious reason to think about whether our offer is cheaper and more convenient for you.

Cnc Router unit offers an elite and reliable choice for the shed or small business that doesn't require an enormous work range, or does not have the space for a bigger machine. This CNC router machine has the power & balance to cut wood, plastic, aluminum, and even steel. The machine are manufactured with from 6090 & 6060 aluminum extrusion, all the major parts are machined from 6061 aluminum plate thickness 1/2" & 3/4" which keeps the machine light in weight and extremely rigid structure. Z X & Y axis are supported by C7 16 mm pitch 5 mm ball screws. Each of our machines can be changed to a NEMA 34 stepper motors. Remeber Proper setup & lubrication will result in trouble-free operation for an extended period of time. This machine has been sold on the US, Canada and Europe market & has been getting rave reviews and fantastic feedback appealing to CNC user. Our CNC router has power, speed, accuracy & it's easy to use

Kit include

CNC router kit with a working area of 26 '' x 41 '' x 8 '' (W L H). The base frame is made of 2,36" x 2,36" aluminium extrusion, X axis side arm made of 3/4 aluminium plate & 2.36'' x 3.54''aluminium extrusion, Z-axis arm is made of 1/2 aluminum plates. reinforced with two 3/8 steel plates

4 x High-precision C7 ball screw Q16mm pitch 5mm (C7)

6 x 20mm Precision Linear Rail with 12 bearing blocks for Y X and Z


1.5KW Water-cooled Spindle motor + VFD
Diameter:80mm x Length:205mm

Power: 1.5 KW Voltage: 220V

CNC Driver Controller;

4 x Digital Stepper driver 556D 24V to 50V

1 x Power supply: 600W 48V 12A1


Stepper Motor;

4 x Stepper Motor 425 oz In.

1.8° /200 Steps Per Rev.

3 Amps Current Per Phase

4-wire Bi-polar

Machine dimensions

Z-axis 20 ''

Y-axis 34 ''

x-axis 48 ''

Work area dimensions

Z-axis travel 8 "

Y-axis travel 26 "

X-axis travel 41 "

CNC Router Kit 3' x 5 '

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