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Extremely rigid CNC Router Kit, for your prototyping, production, industrial, or advanced hobby/home and small business use. The Cnc router kit gives you a package of parts to start build your own machine. Most Cnc router kits come with only some of the parts necessary to build your own machine (but not our set), there are differences between our kit and other kit available on the internet our set is completely complete set to build your own machine. This includes all aluminum parts and electronics. Remember it’s important to review what tools and parts you will need to finish your machine, CCK is now offering an extensive list of options available on every CNC machine we manufacture. Each of our machines can be changed to Nema 34 motors. These types of CNC routers it is one of the best-selling machines on our website. CCK offers quality, precision, and complete cnc routers at a low price and guarantees customer satisfaction.

CNC router kit with a working area of 30 '' x 51 '' x 7 '' (W L H). The base frame is made of 2,36" x 2,36" aluminium extrusion, X axis side arm made of 3/4 aluminium plate & 2.36'' x 4.72''aluminium extrusion, Z-axis arm is made of 3/4 aluminum plates. reinforced with two 3/8 steel plates

4 x High-precision C7 ball screw Q16mm pitch 5mm (C7)

6 x 25mm Precision Linear Rail Guideway with 12 V bearing blocks for Y X and Z


1.5KW Water-cooled Spindle motor + VFD
Diameter:80mm x Length:205mm

Power: 1.5 KW Voltage: 220V

CNC Driver Controller;

4 x Digital Stepper driver 556D 24V to 50V

1 x Power supply: 600W 48V 12A1


Stepper Motor;

4 x Stepper Motor 425 oz In.

1.8° /200 Steps Per Rev.

3 Amps Current Per Phase

4-wire Bi-polar

Machine dimensions

Z-axis 20 ''

Y-axis 40 ''

x-axis 59 ''

Work area dimensions

Z-axis travel 7 "

Y-axis travel 30 "

X-axis travel 51 "

CNC Router Kit 4' x 4 '

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