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NEMA 34 Hybrid Servo Driver Kit 32 bit

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4 x Hybrid Servo Driver Kit 32 bit DSP nema 34 

1. Position error correction and never lose steps
2.Quick response and perfect acceleration, High torque at high speed
3. Automatic current adjustment based on load, lower temperature rising
4. Over-current, over-voltage and position ultra difference protection function
5. Pulses response frequency can reach 200KHZ
6. 16 kinds microsteps choice, highest 51200microsteps/rev.
7. Drive nema 34 series 4.5N.m, 640 oz  closed loop stepper motor 
8. Voltage range: AC20~80V or DC30~110V

Voltage range AC20~80V or DC30~110V
Peak current Peak 6.0A(current change according to load)
Logic input current 7~20mA
frequency 0~200KHz
Encoder lines 1000
Insulation resistance >=500MΩ


step angle 1.8°±5%
phase No. 2
insulation resistance 100MOhm(500V DC)
current 6A
resistance 0.45±10%Ω
inductance 3.7 ±20%mH
holding torque 640oz

1 x Multifunction Cnc Board up to 6 axis c10

2 x Power Supply  48v 12.5A