How to choose a CNC Router Machine

CNC machines help to increase the efficiency and accuracy of machining.
Their use becomes indispensable at a time when human work is becoming more and more expensive.
When analyzing the possibilities of buying CNC machine tools, business owners or a private person often are guided when choosing a machine price.
At this time, it is necessary to know that CNC machine tools are divided into professional and amateur machines,
you should pay attention to amateur cnc machines, because some of the offered cnc router have large constructional defects.

In order to choose the correct CNC Router Machine or CNC Milling Machine you have to determine which materials you are going to be machining.

You have to determine weather you would like your machine made from either Steel, Aluminum or weather it is a CNC Milling Machine that you desire.
You have to determine which electronics you require with your machine.

CNC Router made from Welded Steel.

Cnc Router Machine made from steel

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Machines made from steel. These machines are designed for practically all machine related work. These Cnc Routers are very rigid and usually heavy machines, but it should be remembered that every construction has its own possibilities because, each material from which the machine is built has its own material structure. Therefore, the machines capabilities must be adapted to the work that will be performed on it. Most of the professional Cnc Machines are made of steel as is also the case with our machines. All of our steel Cnc Routers are build on the basis of a steel structure with a movable bridge that provides maximum stiffness at a relatively low weight.The components responsible for the stiffness are also made of steel, only the Z axis is made of aluminum plate 3/4 and is reinforced with 3/8 steel plates.

CNC Router Machine made from Aluminum.

DIY CNC Router Kit

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Vendors of light aluminum CNC Router Machines use a very small aluminum extrusion and a thin aluminum plate which causes loss of stability and stiffness. The reason providers do this is to minimize the costs of a given CNC Router and to make the product more attractive price wise. This type of machine is a cost-effective design and you have to decide weather it will serve the purpose you require. Machines made of extrusion aluminum and aluminum are susceptible to vibrations and will put a strain of the rigidity on the machine. It is quite clear that machines made of aluminum will never be as rigid as machines made of solid steel, copper, brass or wood. You have to pay special attention to these hints. Machines that are massive in weight and size will not have a problem carrying out machining tasks.

Here you can compare other CNC Router machines with the 2 models of aluminum machines that we provide:

Our 1st CNC Router Machine has a 7" Z Axis working space. The machine construction of Y Axis is made of 6090mm aluminum extrusion. The X axis is made of 60120mm aluminum extrusion. The side aluminum plates are made from 3/4" and the Z axis is made of 3/4" aluminum plates and is supported with 3/8'' steel plates.

Our 2nd CNC Router Machine has an 8" Z Axis working space. The machine construction of Y Axis is made of 6090mm aluminum extrusion. The X axis is made of 6090mm aluminum extrusion. The side aluminum plates are made from 3/4" and the Z axis is made of 3/4" aluminum plates and is also supported with 3/8" steel plates.

Cnc Router (plotter) made of MDF

It is a very delicate machine due to its constructions. CNC router made from MDF plates will certainly feel more stress and deviations from the machines described above. For such machines there is no need to assume expensive electronics, ball screws or rock and pinion because this type of machine will be intended for cutting steel, etc... These are typically amateur machines.

Mdf Cnc Router Kit

Cnc Drive system.

The next element that is very important in Cnc machines is the drive. In the Cnc Router Machine the very important thing is that the drives in the 3 axis machine have 4 bolts or rack and pinion. Such a solution of the drive will allow you to eliminate the tilting problem on the side. Cnc router with one screw in the middle of the table will have great problems when the spindle moves to the left or right side of the machine, vibration and load that generates the whole material tilts the whole side on which the spindle is located, imagine that you holding the spindle in your hand and start cutting aluminum, what a great force you must have to keep this spindle in your hands, the same thing the machine will also feel, so a solution with 4 screws and 2 screws under the table will eliminate this problem, of course the screw or other drive must be fixed on the sides of the table or sides under the table. Take it really under consideration.

Cnc Router with 4 ball screw

CNC Machine and Drive System.

Drives are like belts drive, chain, rack and pinion and ball screw.

Machines with belts drive are very quiet and fast but are designed for light work.
It can be noticed that many of such machines are used in jewelry applications, 
but also some CNC Conversion kit for mill drill machines have such drive solutions.
Machines with rack and pinion drive are suitable for virtually all cnc machines.
They are fast machines, but they have one problem, they are very loud. 
The problem with rock and pinion is that a good quality rack and pinion very expensive speaking 
of precision agma 12 OR agma 11. Rack and pinion sold in a set of up to $5000 for most machines available 

on the internet are very poor quality due to the price of rack and pinion.

Cnc router machine with chain.

Here you can not talk about precision because the drive system speaks for itself, it is a machine of very poor precision.

Machine with Ball screw.

Most of the Cnc Machines available with ball screw drive are silent and fast machines. Ball screw drive also is not a cheap system because good precision screws are very expensive. Expensive screws and ones that are very good quality offers THK and NSK company but the prices are really high. The Chinese ball screw is very different, so you must be sure that the ones you want to purchase are from a good and proven company.

Ball screw lead accuracy:
Procession Ball screw start from C0 to C5
Rolled Ball screw start from C7 to C10

Linear for Cnc Router Kit

This is the next important part to cnc Router machines where you need to pay particular attention to when purchasing a Cnc machine, A lot of available machines are built from a thin linear shaft and without an aluminum support. Such a cnc router machine will be susceptible to very large vibrations and tilting down or up when the machine is working, in addition, the X and Z axis have their own weight, to see the problem, it takes setting a machine in the middle of the table and moving up or down either sides of the machine. You will notice the liner shaft it is susceptible to deviations. The SBR Linear is a good solution because it has an additional aluminum support. This support eliminates the problem of deviations in the machine.

Linear Guide Rail with support SBR

Hobby Cnc router Kit Parts

Linear Guide Rail with support are a good solution, the machine will certainly be more rigid than the above description.

Linear guide rail and carriage

Cnc Router Rail Linear Guides
They are one of the best liners available on the market, machines with these liners are very good and stiff but you have to remember that these liners are very expensive and the prices of machines are much higher.

Cnc Conversion Kit For Milling Machine

Grizzly G0704 Drill Mill

G0704 Cnc Conversion Kit

G0704 Drill Mill is one of the most popular in the hobby market work area; 6-7/8" of Y, 18-7/8" of X and Z-axis lifts 11".you can buy this mill at an attractive price, $1400 It is a popular Mill for conversion to CNC for home hobbyists.The G0704 milling Machine can be converted in 2 different ways, you can have the mill with hand wheel or with out that hand wheel to have the machine 2 in 1 you need to drill base and column.

Optimum bf20L and Bf20

BF20L Cnc Conversion Kit

ZX 45 Miil Drill

ZX45 Cnc Conversion Kit

The machines available sizes on our website start from 21 '' x 21 '' up to 60 '' x 150 '' and Z axis with working space that start from 4 '' up to 36 ''

Each cnc router kit available on cncconversionkit includes the following: all aluminum parts, aluminum extrusion, linear, ball screws, spindle, and cnc driver. We also have available kits for converting milling machines into cnc.

New modifications in our machines:

Cnc Router #1

The changes we have made in our machines are even more rigid and reinforced. The frame and table construction of X axis and Y axis has a strengthened aluminum extrusion profile to 6090mm on machines with 8 '' Z axis working space.

Cnc Router #2

The changes in cnc router with 7" Z axis working space is somewhat different because, X axis aluminum extrusion profile is 60120mm and the Y axis is 6090mm.

Ball screw:

Each of our machines contain a 4 ball screw set. X and Z axis each have 1 ball screw while Y axis has 2 ball screws. Why Y axis has 2 ball screws? Because cnc router with one ball screw mounted in the middle of the machine could possibly have a problem with tilting (tilting problem on the side) the most noticeable is when the machine performs work on the left or right side.

X and Z axis work together at the same time, that problem made us give 2 ball screws to Y axis which eliminated the problem. When the machine is working on the length of Y axis the work is done in the middle of the table, the problem is not noticeable but when the machine performs work on the left or right side of the Y axis table, we can see a problem with deflection. To prevent this problem, we applied 2 ball screws on the Y axis. Each screw is placed on the sides of the table, which blocks this problem, this solution is the best for the cnc router and eliminates distortion of the part being cut and breaking tools