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CNC Conversion Kit For G0704 with Electronics

Z axis Nema 34 and YX Nema23 CNC Conversion Kit for G0704 with electronics

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Complete CNC Conversion Kit for G0704 Milling Machine nr5.

Cnc Milling Machine 2 in 1 with electronics.

G0704 Cncconversion kit with electronics, this kit will save costs because, in one place you're able to purchase everything that's needed to convert the G0704 Manual drill/mill to CNC. Our CNC conversion kit for G0704 mini mill with electronics is one of the lowest priced kit on the market. Our new kit that's now available is a Digital driver CCK5560, this kit is designed so that our customers can have a few options while operating the machine. After establishing our kit, you have the option to operate the machine as a CNC or use it as manual. This set was designed for Z axis neam 34 and YX axis Nema 23 stepper motor. The 2 option kit is for sale only by our company. Below we prepared a video tutorial showing how to drill the holes in the base and Z axis column. The 2 option kit is for sale only by our company.

Below we prepared a video tutorial showing how to drill the holes in the base and Z axis column.

How to install;

Z axis
Bearing and all original elements under Bearing are to be installed on our ball screw in the same order as the original.

X axis
on one side of the table you have original aluminum hand wheel on the other side of the table you mount our parts + original bearing.

On this axis you mount bearings that you received with that kit.

This kit has been designed to use as many original parts as possible, so therefore we have only include one bearing on the Y axis of the front of the machine.

Aluminum parts for the building of this machine are cut out from:
Aluminum Plate 1/2 inches and 3/4 inches

3 x Digital driver CCK5560 5.6A.

1 x Stepper motor Nema 34 600oz 4.5Nm 4.2A.
2 x Stepper motor Nema 23 420oz 3.N.m 3A. 
1 x Power Supply 600W - 48V - 12.5A.
1 x 6 axis Bidirectional Breakout Board.

3 x Ball screw 16mm pitch 5mm (C7).
1 x Nema 34 Stepper motor Mount for Z axis
2 x Nema 23 Stepper motor Mount for YX axis
3 x Ball screw bearing housing for Z, X and Y axis.
3 x Ball screw Mount 
1 x Set of screws.
1 x Bearing 10 x 30 x 9 mm.
1x 8mm x 14 mm CNC Motor Shaft Couplers.
2x 6.35 x 8mm CNC Motor Shaft Couplers.

Please contact us in regards of shipping costs, the shipping cost depend on your shipping country or state.

In regards of payments please contact us and, we will send you a PayPal payment request. 

3 x TBI Ball screw Q16mm pitch 5mm c7 $155 extra cost
TBI ball screws offer higher class performance and creates a more accurate machine. 

Go to Wiring Diagram instruction.

G0704 Video user manuals press here

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