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CNC Router Kit 4' x 4' x 8''

CNC Router Kit 4' x 4' x 8''

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Before you decide to buy a CNC router machine make sure that you are making a good choice of the machine you are about to purchase. From our experience, we know that large machines such as 4' x 4' or 4' x 8' and other large machines must be very stiff. There is no other option than to have supported driving motions and a minimum of two ball screws or two racks and pinions. This is very important because large machines with only one system drive in the middle or side of the gentry will end with major problems and the machine racking uncontrollably (GANTRY RACKING PROBLEM MEANING: eg. If you buy machine 4' x 4' or 4' x 8' with one ball screw under the frame and you attempt to cut parts 40'' x 40" or smaller once your machine starts to work in the middle of the working area the machine will not work correctly. However, you may still be able to cut  but the big problem occurs once the spindle goes to the left side or right side then you will notice that the machine will begin to tilt. That is why you must make sure you are buying a machine-made to work properly). We are not trying to say our machines are the best machines out there but from our experience we know that there are problems like this. That is why our machines are designed  with four ball screws  two on the Y-axis to prevent these problems. CCK 4' x 4' x 8" machines are designed  to work with every material. Each of our machines come with supported motions drive SBR 20 mm for each axis, ball screws  16 mm, each axis with the Nema 23 420 oz (3 Nm) and digital stepper drivers. Certainly, we may change the stepper motors from 23 to the Nema 34 if that is what you'd like. This kit contains all of the aluminium plates, aluminium extrusion, bearings, tee nuts,  Ball screws and SBR 20 supported linear system for each axis, hardware for the CNC driver gantry machine, electronics and spindle.

Full Build Instructions with diagrams click here

Wiring tutorial : wire and setup digital driver with C10 board, and power supply

Other Cnc driver option

USA Phone (248) 778-5715

Canada Phone (519) 996-2519 

Kit include 

4 x High-precision ball screw Q16mm pitch 5mm (C7) 
6 x Supported Linear Rails Shaft 20mm + 12 x Bearing Blocks

Aluminum Plate parts
Thickness of aluminum plate 1/2" and 3/4" 

Aluminium Extrusion
X axis bridge  6090 mm ( 3.54'' 2,36'' )
Y axis Frame 6060 mm ( 2.36'' 2.36'' )

1 x Spindle Motor 1.5kw ER11 collet + Inverter Driver VDF 220V
1 x Spindle Mount 80mm

4 x CCK5560 Digita Stepper Motor Driver 
4 x Stepper motor 420 oz In. 3 N.m
1.8° 200 Steps Per Rev.
3 Amps Current Per Phase
4-wire Bi-polar
1 x 5 axis Breakout board
1 x Power supply 600W - 48V - 12A
4 x Motor Shaft Coupling 6.35 to 8 mm 
1 x Set of screws and nuts

Work area dimensions
Z-axis travel 8"
X-axis travel 48"
Y-axis travel 48"

Max machining speed 200inch/minute  

Repeatability to +/-0.0004"

We ship the Cnc Router Kit from Detroit

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