New Cnc Router with automatic tool changer R8 spindle 6000

This is one of the most rigid machine built by us, every part of this machine is cut from 3/4 tooling aluminum plate. With this machine without any problem you can cut steel

CNC Router Machines and Cnc Milling Machine

are available in a few different sizes and different electronic parts.

You can choose our machine with  different

  1. CNC Driver Controller
  2. Stepper Motor
  3. Spindle Size to suit your needs.
You can also order a custom built cnc machine.  

The Following CNC Router are available on our website:

  • 3 Axis
  • 4 Axis
  • 5 Axis.

All of our built machines have four ball screws. We use four ball screws in order to eliminate tilting problems that machines have with three ball screws. ( It is very important that the Y-Axis has two ball screws because we then do not have tilting problems). Our CNC Router is suitable for CNC machining of plastics, wood, wood-based materials, composites, non-ferrous metals and steel. It is used for prototypes, in the advertising industry, woodworking, 3d model making and furniture industry. The solutions make the machine inexpensive yet accurate and efficient. Made of construction steel - aluminum extrusion 2-1/4 x 2-1/4 and Mic-6  Precision Machined Cast Aluminum Plate. Every machine is equipped with a high precision ball screw, and the feed system is made for professional linear guides and carriages.

CNC Router is standard equipped with :

  • C7 Ball screw Pitch-16 mm 5mm.
  • Supported Linear 20mm or 25mm Linear Guide Bearing V block (rail & carriages).
  • Driver Controller Stepper motor.
  • Water Cooling 1.5kw or 2.2kw spindle  for 110V or 220V 
  •  We also have tables available, made of aluminum extrusion, MDF or Mic-6  Precision Machined Cast Aluminum Plate  -3/4 or 1/2 . 

New Cnc Router Machine the new design of our machine focuses mainly on improving the stability of it.  We introduced a few changes in regards to the frame, Side aluminum plate of the machine. Its construction has been strengthened by adding for machine legs assembled at the base of the machine.

New Cnc Router 3 axsi with 4 Ball screw.

In this film, we present to you, how our CNC router machine is working with aluminum we changed our machines to two ball screws on Y axis to eliminate the tilting on X axis.

Our economical ball screws with excellent performance. We always deliver the balls screws with treated endings as a particular order only. Our standard offer has screws Fi 16, Fi 20 and Fi 25 with the pitch of 5mm or 10mm, C7 accuracy class and P1 tensity.

3d Cnc printer special order.

In this film, we are showing ours CNC router with two ball screws on Y axis, and a totally different design. Ours CNC router without any problem is cutting aluminum parts, So if your ever in need of a CNC machine to work with wood, plastic, aluminium ... Ours machine will be best for you.

BF20 Cnc Milling Machine with quick tool changer

We opted for the enrichment of our BF20 CNC Milling Machine and G0704 by adding a quick tool changer. It consists of a Butterfly Impact Wrench, 2 springs, 2 Linear Ball Bearing Bushings 20mm, and 2 Linear Shafts 20mm. If you already have the BF20 or G0704  CNC Milling Machine and you would like to add a tool changer set in your machine, then please contact us. G0704 and BF20 CNC Milling Machine are one of the best machines available on the internet, up to $2000. With the purchase of this machine, you will be 100% satisfied. These machines are excellent for : 1. Perpendicularity 2. Feeding the table 3. Good RPM on the Spindle By using our CNC Kit to this machine, you have the possibility of using the machine as a CNC Milling Machine and you can also use it manually. We have 2 options for stepper motors: 1. Nema34 2. Nema23 We also have available different CNC Control Drivers. Our CNC Milling Machine is also available as a 4-axle CNC Milling Machine.


Spindle for Cnc Router

Spindle In this movie clip, we showed the water-cooled spindle and a driver VFD  that is connected to the 110V AC. As you can see in the clip, it works without any glitches. The power of this spindle is 1.5kW with ER11 collect. This spindle is water cooled. You will need a regular aquarium pump with the capacity of at least of 350 GPH.

This video clip shows you our CNC Router machine during the process of cutting out   aluminum elements.

Ours CNC router machines are able to work with the materials as follows:

  • aluminum
  • bronze,
  • brass
  • wood
  • plastic  etc

The present video shows, haw our Cnc milling machine cutting aluminum

By applying an additional bolt on the Y axis ours CNC router gained stiffness. We also removed the tilting problem which is extremely important when we work with cutting out metal parts. In this video clip, we present to you our CNC Router that cuts some aluminum elements. It is a machine with two screws on the Y-axis. Plugged to the G540 CNC Driver controller. It is fastest cutting speed is up to 3,500mm/m or 140"/m.

New CNC Router machine

The new design of ours cnc router machine focuses mainly on improving the stability of it. We introduced a few changes in regards to the frame of the machine. Construction it is more strengthened by adding for machine legs assembled at the base of the machine. They are fastened to the frame with 16 corner brackets; they make it a lot more stable. The fastening of the Y axis screw has been changed, as well. It allows better access to Y axis ball-screw. The Y axis nuts are fastened to the metal housing.



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