New Z axis  for CNC Router

 All of our CNC routers now have  Z axis made  from Aluminum plate 3/4 and Steel support  1/2 now our machines  will be  stronger and more rigid.

New steel welded Cnc Router kit for sale 

Side steel plate for CNC Router Kit

Cnc Router and Cnc Router Kit, now with Table.

Below is a photo of our CNC Router.
We now sell aluminum table for our CNC routers.We have many different sizes of table tops ranging from  21 '' x 21 '' up to 4 'x 8', Our CNC routers come fully complete with all electronics needed, all you need is a computer and monitor.

The changes we made with our CNC Routers machine were swapping out the aluminum extrusion to stronger extrusion to improve on stiffness and rigidness.

On our Cnc Router with 8" Z axis working area we changed the X axis bridge aluminium extrusion from 6060 to a stronger 6090 aluminum extrusion.

Y axis. 
Our 8" Z axis CNC router is now composed of Y-axis 6060 aluminum frame extrusion. Machines ranging from 21"x21" up to 32"x51" consist of five aluminum extrusions.

On our Cnc Router with 7" Z axis area we upgraded the aluminium extrusion from 6090 to 60120.
At this moment our machines are certainly more affordable, stiffer, and by far more reliable than most on the internet. Sure you can get a cheap CNC router on the web but it will lack the key components needed to have a successful CNC router such as stiffness and rigidness.

CNC router 4'x4' is formed by 6 pieces of 6060 aluminum extrusion. Due to the size of the frame we added one more extrusion for support

CNC router 4' x8' is made up from seven aluminum extrusion 6060

CNC Router Z axis 8" side aluminum plates which holds the X axis bridge are made from 3/4 aluminum plate.

We also strengthened the Z axis on our 7' and 8' CNC routers by adding 4 x 16 x 1/2 steel support plates.

The steel plates will help the Z axis to be more rigidness while also preventing racking.

Each of our machines can work with NEMA 34 stepper motors on each axis, you have the option to order NEMA 23 or NEMA 34 for each axis.

New aluminium box for CNC Driver Electronics, enclosure up to 6 axis driver and 2 breakout board.

We have now aluminum tables available for each size our CNC Routers. Table size 15mm x 180mm 

Table Picture  2 

Each of our CNC Router machines include 4 TBI (c7) Ball screws.

Buying  ball screws for Cnc Router Machine and mill/drill you should be very careful.

BF20L or G0704 CNC conversion kit.
On our website we offer over 12 different types of CNC kits, designed for milling machines BF20L, BF20 (500mm X axis table), and G0704. These kits different from other kits because, after installing our set you have the possibility to operate the mill both manually and as CNC. To have these options our kit requires you to drill holes in the base.

and Z axis Column of your manual mill.

The base and Z axis holes must be 1".

Room clearance for the X axis nut is required with every kit that uses the c7 ball screw ( including ours).

You can optionalize your kit with the stepper motors you want :
Each axis NEMA 23.
Each axis NEMA 34.
Or NEMA 34 for Z axis and NWMA 23 for the Y and X axis.
We also have G0704 or BF20l CNC conversion kit with electronics. If you are unable to find a kit which is right for you, please contact us.
Our kits are designed to use as much original parts of the machine as possible.
Please remember that G0704 and BF20 milling machines look the same however there are many differences among them which will not allow one kit to work with the opposite machine.

It is our new design for G0704 or BF 20 Cnc conversion kit.

Kit is for each axis nema 23  or Z axis NEMA 34 and Y, X NEMA 23.

We are a manufacturer of quality CNC Router Machines and CNC Conversion Kits for G0704, BF20L and BF20 mill/drill.

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